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What a week

January 17, 2012

Hello kindly guests,

I apologize for the delay on the post, the weekend got away from me. Actually, truth be told, the entire week got away from me, and in a very frustratingly way.

For starters, my football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, had their quest for a further record-setting seventh Super Bowl trophy end early last weekend. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, but being born a Steeler fan I know there is always next year. What made me feel worse was that I wasn’t able to catch any games this season. It’s superstitious, I know, but it seemed like any time I tried watching a game, bad things began happening for the team and I needed to change the channel. The playoff game proved to be no exception.

The second thing to happen was on Wednesday, while I was taking the dogs out for their constitutional, I slipped on some ice in our yard. It was one of the few bad things left from our unseasonably warm weather, and I happened to step on it the wrong way. A slip of the foot later, I was flat on my back with my head elevated from the ground to keep it from bouncing off the ground. I didn’t feel any pain the rest of that day or that night, but felt the strained muscles around my floating ribs area of my back and in the muscles of my neck that pull the head forward. A couple of days rest and heating pads have worked wonders on the back, but the neck is still on the mend. The plus is that neither my head nor the shoulder that suffers frequent boughts of tendinitis were harmed in the fall. Then again, I’m not sure how much damage, if any, hitting my head would cause. (j/k)

Equally frustrating was my decision this past weekend to shelve the edits I’ve been working on in my novel in favor of starting a new novel length story. The story I was editing was the first novel I’d written to completion almost three years ago. Although I think the story idea is a good one, even having ideas on follow-up stories in the universe, it suffered from an identity crisis when it came down to where the story wanted to start. I tried re-writing the story, moving a different chapter to the beginning and changing the lead character, and that seemed to work at first. Eventually it started feeling like I was spinning my wheels without going anywhere, so I tried taking the story more closer to the first, even starting it in the same spot, but it fell into the same problem – working out at first, then went nowhere. I figured that perhaps working on something new, a story I’ve wanted to try writing for the past year but wasn’t able to, it will give me a chance to look at it again with a fresher perspective. The empathic detective battling a metahuman cult will get its chance in the spotlight, but not right now apparently.

The ironic thing about my editing woes is that, after deciding to go with a new novel and starting it out strong, one of the writing podcasts I listen to, The Dead Robots Society, rolls out with If you are interested in writing and/or publishing your work, I recommend this podcast. They have round table discussions on aspects of writing with advice and suggestions that I have found helpful in the years I’ve been listening to them. They also have other writers, publishers, independently/self published authors, and others who have podcasted their work to build up a strong following of fans. They can be reached at Their website also includes a forum with the Crypt – a forum where you can read others work to offer constructive criticism and where you can post your work for the same.

Well, I think it is time for me to close this entry into Casa de Pitsiladis. I hope you enjoyed what you’ve read and will come back for more. Please tell your friends to stop by, they will always be welcome. Also, leave a little feedback to let me know what you think so far and what you’d like for me to discuss in future installments. I am currently reading Robopocalypse by Daniel H. Wilson and will post a review of the book once I’ve finished. Also, there will be links to audio productions I have participated in added to the site in the near future as well.

So for all the Ravens fans and 49ers fans of the world, I leave you with the parting words – Go Pats! Go Giants! And for everyone in general, pleasant dreams.

As always, I ask the question on everyone’s mind – Why so serious?


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