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Two Awesome & Fun Writing Contests

February 3, 2012

Hello there folks,

Sorry I didn’t post this one sooner.  In my last blog post I told you I would share information on two writing contests, and here they are!

Both of these contests are through, an eclectic  lovers website and podcast that shares a little  bit of everything horror and goth related.  Hostess Emerian Rich and company shares information about books and movies (both young and old), convention updates, movie reviews, a fun audio drama called Goth Haus, and a story from a featured author.  The new season of the podcast starts in April, but there are plenty of episodes to listen to before then (shameless plug – Listen to episode 70, I’m the featured author).  Definitely a fun listen.  But I’m sure you’re wanting to know more details on their annual writing contests.

In 2009, started a writing contest for women called the Wicked Women Writer’s challenge where women writer’s are given three elements that need to be woven into a horror story that is then recorded (either by the writer or someone else) and released in a special episode of the podcast.  Listeners to the podcast will then vote on the story they liked best and the winner has the distinction of being that year’s Most Wicked.  Past winner’s are H.E. Roulo, Rhonda R. Carpenter, and Laurel Ann Hill.  This year’s theme for the stories is “Horror Takes No Holidays”.  Check out Wicked Women Writers ( more details on how to enter.

Off the heels of the successful women’s contest, started a men’s contest in 2011.  The Masters of Macabre contest follows the same concept as the Wicked Women Writers in that the male writers are given elements that need to be included in a story in some fashion.  They then either record the story or have someone record it for them and the story is released for the audience to vote for.  The winner of the inaugural contest was Shaunessy Ashdown.  This year’s theme for the contest is “Curses!”  Check out Masters of Macabre ( for more details on this year’s contest.

I loved both contests for a variety of reasons.  While there are distinct winners in the contest, there are no losers.  These contests have allowed people who never considered writing horror stories before a chance to try it.  It also gives exposure to the authors, some of whom have never released a story to the public before (yes, I am one of those people).  I had a lot of fun and actually came up with two story ideas from doing the contest.  What’s even better as a fan is, aside from hearing some great stories, one lucky voting fan is also eligible for a drawing in each contest to receive gifts  from the authors themselves.  If you are a writer wanting to try writing a horror story or looking for a challenge (pun partially intended) or have never written before but wanted to, check out the contests and take a chance.  You might surprise yourself by becoming the next Most Wicked or Master of Macabre.

As for now, I have a short story to finish editing and a novel draft to continue.  Until next time, ladies and gentlemen, I take a bow and bid you adieu.

Your ever loving host,

Donald L. Pitsiladis

P.S. – Horror stories are so much more than just blood, guts, gore, and sparkly vampires.

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