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Cute puppies and plumbing

February 18, 2012

Welcome back folks.  Sorry for such a long period of silence, but we had some things come up that demanded attention.  The first being the aforementioned puppies being born and the second being kitchen plumbing that decided to snowball.

Puppies – We have two beagle mixes, a male Beagle/German Shepherd mix and a female Beagle/Daschund mix (as near as we can tell – may be more in the mix).  Any way, when we left home, she was pregnant and trying to find a place to have them away from all of us people – mostly the children, you know how younger ones can be.  When we came home, six new tiny faces greeted us in our kitchen.  They are the cutest little things and an even mixture of boys and girls.  Because we share our home with a female cat and the male dog, we’ve had to put Ziva (the mom) and the pups in my office since we can close the doors.  For some reason, both the cat (Miss Kitty) and the daddy dog (Perry) are not allowed to come near the pups.  Ziva has made this clear by growling at them if they get within two feet of the bed we have them in.  For the sake of all involved, we just close the office door to keep the two unwanted visitors out.  Makes it a challenge for scheduling recording time when the pups whine, but, then again, they can’t stay in there forever.  I’m planning on taking pictures of them later today, and will post some in the hopes that some who live in my area and who are reading this might be interested in taking one when they are old enough.  Hopefully bu then one of our son’s, who has Aspberger’s syndrome, will understand that we can’t keep all of them and will be willing to give them up to a nice, loving family (along with the promise of keeping one, maybe two of them).

And yes, this will be our dog’s only litter.  They both will be undergoing the Bob Barker treatment when we can.  (Fans of Shrek will get the reference).

Kitchen plumbing is the other hot topic in our household this week.  We started out with a tiny leak in our sink spray hose that ate away at our water pressure in the kitchen and made things under the sink (and under our feet) very wet.  When we went to replace the hose, we discovered two things when turning the water off under the sink.  First, the nut holding the hose on was pretty smooth and in a terrible place for us to try to get to it.  Secondly, when we finally gave up for the night and turned the water back on, we found that the diverter in the faucet was broken and not letting any water come out.  We replaced the faucet with a new one that works great – albeit it is sending calcium chunks big enough to clog up the faucet heads.  Add to that, a drain pipe under the sink – one of only two metal pieces of piping left under there – split wide open and made the wet things under the sink wetter.  Not fun, but at least I’m learning some basic plumbing skills.

Today is looking to be a busy one.  Aside from the obvious line water filter installation and drain pipe replacement, I’m installing a cat door in one of our kitchen doors, re-arranging the office slightly to accommodate a heavy punching bag, recording lines for the “Who Goes There” audio drama (the story that became John Carpenter’s “The Thing”) and an episode of a Torchwood audio drama I’m a part of, finishing book reviews of Scott Sigler’s “/The Rookie” and “The Starter” books (in the middle of reading “The All-Pro”), and editing a short story and part of a novel.  Busy, busy day.

So, until next we meet, I bid you adieu.  And remember…  

Why so serious?

Donald L Pitsiladis

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