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RIP Davy Jones

March 2, 2012

It’s a funny feeling when someone you enjoyed watching as a child passes away.  It feels like a small part of you has gone with them.  This was how I felt when I heard that Davy Jones had passed away this past Tuesday.

Let me start by saying the shows I watched with Davy in were from before I was born, but I still loved them just the same.  Like many other kids from my generation, my first exposure to Davy was on the Scooby Doo Movies cartoon series, the one where they had a different famous guest star every episode.  That episode ranks as one of my all time favorites from that series.  I smile now when one of my boys, who is a big Scooby fan, plays that particular episode back a few times and still refuses to delete it from the DVR.

I remember getting my first Monkees album, a greatest hits cassette actually, and listening to it every chance I got.  To me, there were no bad songs on that album.  I loved them all.  It was particularly exciting when I heard Smash Mouth performing “I’m a Believer” at the end of the first “Shrek” (although I still think the Monkees did it better).

As for television appearances, who can forget seeing Davy on the Brady Bunch where Marcia was trying to get him to play for a school dance.  As a kid, I was so happy when he showed up at her doorstep, although a little jealous.  (I had a little crush on Marcia when I was a kid).

And then there was the Monkees television show.  The show was the first zany show from the sixties and seventies that I wanted to catch every episode of.  When our local television station played the re-runs (yes re-runs, I’m not that old), I would catch each one.  I loved watching the show.  I even caught the made for TV biopic they made a few years ago on the group.

Like many people, I was always hoping for a Monkees reunion, but sadly that is not to be.  Although we’ve come close on a couple of occasions, there was always something (or someone) missing.  Perhaps we will see a reunion concert in heaven some day (for those of you who believe ; I know I do).  Until then, we can remember a great band, a great man, and a great singer.


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