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Of Broken Legs and Unwilling Doctors

March 18, 2012

Hello fans,

I apologize for a week of silence, but it hasn’t been a very productive week and many regards.  It began with a broken leg (not mine) and ended with the death of a family friend.  It made remaining focused on my personal writing goals almost impossible  and I will now have to increase my daily goals just to make up the time.

I won’t be touching very much on the family friend’s death out of respect for her family.  The one thing I will say is that she was a great person who was much loved and will be missed by many, myself included.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Other issues that arose this past week included a water heater that started leaking and half of the keyboard on my writing laptop stopped working.   The latter problem is on the way to the  manufacturer for repairs, while the previous problem is getting looked at this next week.  Thankfully it isn’t a bad leak if it is even a leak.

The bad week started a week ago Friday night, when my son’s mother called to tell me The Dude’s leg was broken on a Boy Scout trip to Canada .   Here’s the story as I heard it.   The Dude was snow tubing shortly after arriving at the ski park.  and before he could clear the track he was hit by two tubes.   A member of The Dude’s pack threw himself on top of him and had a couple of more tubers go over his back before they stopped sending them down.

Now, as if this wasn’t stressful enough, The Dude’s mother and I didn’t have a way to get up to him.  I didn’t have a passport or passport card to cross the border into Canada and she had the passport, but didn’t have a vehicle to get up there.  The troop wasn’t able to bring him back because of the other troop members still on the trip, but one of them did stay with him for practically the entire ordeal.   The health facility was willing to send him as far as the border if we could get an ambulance to take him the rest of the way to the doctors here in the states.   The other option was to send him across the province of Manitoba to Winnipeg.  The only other thing we had to do was get an orthopedic surgeon willing to take him as a patient at the hospital in Minot, ND.  That’s where the problem started.

I called the local hospital (Minot residents reading this will know who I’m talking about) and spoke with the orthopedic surgeon on call since it was Friday evening and the office was closed.  I explained what was going on and told him that Minot was the closest medical facility with an orthopedic surgeon.  He told me that he wasn’t able to do so and that The Dude will need to go to a doctor in Canada.  I tried explaining the road conditions and that they were the closest, but he again refused to take my son as a patient.  I was in shock at his answer and at how little he was willing to listen.  I found out later that night that the Scout leader who was with The Dude almost the entire time in Canada also called and spoke with the same doctor, only with even worse results.  Apparently the doctor actually became even ruder than he was with me and outright refused.  This is the hospital and medical facility who tells everyone they can about their “great customer service”.

The Dude ended up traveling across the province Manitoba to a children’s hospital in Winnipeg over worse roads than he would have if he’d come stateside and ended up taking longer to get to.  He is home now and his leg was deemed not needing pins or screws at this time (butterfly fracture and will not need surgery as long as he keeps all weight off of it).  It has thrown most of the plans both us and The Dude’s mother out the window, but he is at least home and able to go to school.

My question to you the readers is… What is your opinion on a doctor who refuses a patient when they are the nearest best option.  Did they do it out of actual care about The Dude, or did they not want the liability?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

In other news, I am planning on writing updates Wednesday mornings on anything and everything and book reviews on Saturdays.  I feel this will help give you, the readers, a better understanding of myself, the writer.  I hope to begin releasing stories in one fashion or another in the very near future, perhaps some flash fiction, short stories, or chapters from one of the novels I’m also editing for submission.  Tell me what else you would like to see from the Casa and I will do everything I can to accommodate.

Until Wednesday, ask  yourself… Why so serious?


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