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Movie Review – Logan’s Run

April 23, 2012

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

I sincerely hope that your weekend was a fun and relaxing one.  I was unsure what movie to review for this weekend, but then my wife and I checked out Logan’s Run.  Released in 1976 and starring Peter York, Peter Ustinov, Jenny Agutter, and Richard Jordan, the movie takes place in the 23rd century and and people are living inside domed cities.  Due to limited resources, a person’s lifespan is limited to the age of 30.  Upon reaching that milestone, the people are given a choice – take part in a renewal ceremony called Carousel where their bodies are destroyed, or attempt to run and escape the city.  Those who take part in Carousel are promised rebirth, while runners are pursued by Sandmen whose job it is to kill them.  

One such Sandman is Logan 5.  After finding an ankh symbol on a runner, he is tasked with finding a location named Sanctuary where over a thousand other runners are believed to have escaped to.  As an added incentive, he has the remaining four years of his life taken away, thus becoming a runner himself.  He convinces a young woman named Jenny 6, who wears the same symbol, to help him while his best friend and fellow Sandman, Francis, gives chase.

The movie was watchable as 70’s science fiction movies go, but it was far from being a great movie.  The special effects were overly simplistic and not done very well for the technology available and being used at the time.  Most of the dialogue was poorly written and in some instances by the performer’s acting skills.  As far as dystopian stories goes, it does a passable job, but could have something so much better than how it turned out.  I will be checking out the story the movie is based on and look forward to the rumored re-make, but will not watch this version again.  My rating for this movie is a 2.75 out of 5.

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  1. Loved this movie! Although it has a couple of cheesy love scenes, I believe that it’s a representative sci-fi for the 70’s, when people dreamt about the far-far future…


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