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Short Story Review – “Early Release For Bad Behavior” by Kevin Hopson

April 30, 2012

Since I was a young kid, I’ve been a fan of the television anthology series where the story had some form of a twist to it.  Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, Monsters, the list really goes on and on.  I recently read a short story that would easily fit into some of those shows, “Early Release For Bad Behavior’ by Kevin Hopson.

The story opens on death row where prisoner Jake Evans watches some of his fellow prisoners being taken away for hours, only to return in excruciating pain.  He soon discovers the reason for their pain when a small team of former soldiers take him to a different prison, and the answer is straight out of science fiction.

I found the story very enjoyable.  Kevin does a good job showing Jake’s confusion about everything happening to him.  There just seemed like a tiny something was missing that might have raised the story to great, so my rating is a 4 out of 5.  This is definitely an author whose other work I look forward to reading.  You can check the story out at Amazon.

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