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Book Review — “Infected” by Scott Sigler

May 5, 2012

Alien invasions.  When I think of it, images of space craft fighting destroying the best of Earth’s technology à la Independence Day or War of the Worlds come to mind.  What if the aliens decided to begin their attack by invading our own bodies and having us do their dirty work?  I know it is an idea that’s already been done, but not in the way Scott Sigler does it, with plenty of blood and gore.

People are going insane and attacking their loved ones in very gruesome manners.  The only thing all the assailants have in common are little blue triangles on their bodies.  These are no ordinary triangles as Perry Dawsey soon discovers.  They are capable of thought and communication and attempt to get the gigantic ex-football star to help create a way for the invasion force to begin their attack. What the triangles don’t count on is Scary Perry fighting back.

This was the first podcast novel I ever listened to and is still one of my favorites.  Although it does contain a good amount of blood and gore, I still found the story very gripping.  You get a very good grasp of the struggle Perry has, not only with the triangles but also with himself.  The extent he goes to excise the triangles from his body is extreme, even cringe worthy at times.  Regardless of the graphic nature of the story, it is a fun rollercoaster ride from a very skillful author.  My rating for the story is a 4.5 out of 5.   The book is available through Amazon or ordered through your local book store.  Check out Scott’s website for more stories and his weekly podcast.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m happy you enjoyed the read.


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