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Monday Movie — “Ink”

May 15, 2012

I have wanted to watch this movie since first hearing about months ago and finally got a chance to check it out.  I can honestly say, after watching it, everything I heard was true.

When we close out eyes for the night, there are two groups who come visiting us.  They are unseen, unheard, and are the providers of our dreams.  The first, called the Storytellers,.  are a group of normal looking people who appear in a flash of light and bring us the pleasant dreams.  The second group, the Incubi, appear from the shadows and are the nightmares bearers.  Their faces have video screens over them projecting a false image of happiness.  In the movie, both sides work in an equal balance, but the balance gets disrupted when Ink, an individual in rags who is neither Storyteller nor Incubi steals away a young girl in the night.  He longs for a face that is not scarred or disfigured and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it, even using a little girl’s soul as a bargaining tool to become an Incubus.  The Storytellers give chase with the sole mission of bringing the little girl home.

There is another story that runs parallel to Ink’s.  In our plane of reality, a man is busy brokering a major business deal that will make him and his company richer than a person can possibly dream of.  We learn that the man had a family once and let his job and drinking get between them.  When his wife dies and he loses custody of his daughter to his in-laws, the man buries himself deeper into his “more important” life.  When his father-in-law shows up to tell him his daughter had a seizure and was lying comatose in the hospital, he becomes angry and unwilling to listen.  He places the company and the upcoming business deal that is barely holding on.  He throws the man out of the office, but as the movie progresses, you can see the guilt and the pressure getting to him.  When a vehicle broadsides him  on his way to deliver the contracts that will save his important deal and taken to the same hospital his daughter is lying in.  The daughter, by the way, is the very same girl who stolen away by Ink in the dream world.

This movie was a very powerful one that had a great message to it.  It wasn’t preachy as some movies tend to be when dealing with similar subject.  The ending is one you can probably see coming, but that doesn’t take anything away from it.  I especially enjoyed watching the blind man making smart remarks.  It has the feel of a fantasy martial arts film that will keep you mesmerized throughout  the entire movie.  Surprisingly, this movie did not get any love from the big Hollywood studios.  Personally, I found it better than many of the movies normally put out by said studios and was a unique story.  My rating for the movie is 4.5 out of 5.

If you are interested in viewing the movie, you can check it out on Netflix Instant Watch or buy it at Amazon on DVD or Blu Ray.

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