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Book Review — “Antarktos Rising” by Jeremy Robinson

June 12, 2012

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Happy Friday!  For today’s book review, I thought I might go a little science fiction with a hint of faith mixed in.  This week I offer for your perusal… ‘Antarktos Rising” by Jeremy Robinson.

The continents of the world have drastically shifted, causing devastation and instantaneous loss of life all around the globe.  Amidst the chaos the world has fallen into, the ice-covered continent of Antarctica experiences a thaw and becomes a lush, jungle filled land seemingly overnight.  For those nations that suffered the worst of the disaster, both in loss of lives and resources, the new land  offers salvation to whoever controls it.  Rather than fighting a huge war and making things worse, the remaining governments of the world agree on a race with control of the new Antarctica going to the first three nations to make it to the center of the land.  A scientist, who was researching relics left by Antarctica’s earlier residents before it froze, and his daughter go with the United States team on their trek to claim their place in the new land.  It isn’t long before the teams realize the earlier inhabitants have returned and want what’s they feel is rightfully theirs, the planet itself.  They are larger, almost impossible to kill, and are hungry to meet us.

Jeremy Robinson is an author I am familiar with, having listened to the podcast versions of two previous books, “Beneath” and “Kronos“.  Like with those books, I thoroughly enjoyed the read.  It felt a bit fast paced at times, but the story itself I felt was a solid one and made for a good beginning to the book series.  There is a logical jump between theology what is happening in the story and the creatures involved that spans across not just Biblical text, but also Egyptian, Norse, Sumerian, etc.  It is a fun read I recommend to anyone who likes military style of books or tales that stem from real legends and religions.  There is a Christian slant to the story, which as a Christian didn’t bother me, but might turn some readers off, as might some of the more violent scenes (dealing with giants and dinosaurs).  My rating for this book is a 4 out of 5.

You can order Antarktos Rising through your local bookstore, the author’s website, or via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  It is well worth checking out.

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