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Podcast Spotlight – Who Goes There

June 27, 2012

Happy Wednesday ladies and gentlemen,

Must Be Nice Studios made a grand début this week with the podcast premier of “Who Goes There?”  Based on a 1938 short story written by Don A. Stuart, the story follows a group of scientists conducting research in Antarctica when a spaceship from another world crash lands.  Tension and paranoia increase when they discover that something survived the crash, something that hides by becoming other creatures.   Soon, the scientists begin to wonder who is human and who isn’t?  Most of you may know this story better from the three movies made about it:  “The Thing From Another World” in 1951, John Carpenter’s “The Thing” in 1982, and, more recently, 2011’s “The Thing” prequel.

The podcast was a fun one to record for and turned out really well.  The cast did a great job and the podcast is a reflection of that.  The players, In order of appearance, are myself, Mat Weller,  Joel Nisbet, Rick Stringer, Hazen Nester, Rish Outfield, Ryan H. Nelson, Andrew Kjar, Seth Adam Sher, Peter Katt, and Michael Liebmann.  Big props to Clay Dugger, the host of Must Be Nice Studios, on producing a great episode and offering me an opportunity to be a part of it.

Check out “Who Goes There?” and get ready for a great ride.

Premier Episode – “Who Goes There?”

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