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Podcast Spotlight – Masters of Macabre

July 4, 2012

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Happy Independence Day to all of my readers residing in the United States.  Like last week’s Podcast Spotlight, this week I offer a podcast episode I participated in.  It is a very special contest I’m pleased to have entered and read for.  This week’s offering… The Masters of Macabre story contest.

Curses.   Some are old, some are new, some are well-known, and some are more obscure.  All of them were open choices for this year’s Masters of Macabre contest.  Five of us stepped up to the challenge and great stories came out.  For your listening pleasure, we have Dan Shaurette with the Curse of the Pharoahs, Rish Outfield and the  Curse of Macbeth (the “Scottish Play”to any theater people out there), Shawn Micallef with the Curse of Otzi, Philip “Norvaljoe” Carrol and the Curse of Winning the Lottery, and yours truly with a Voodoo Curse.  Join hosts Rachel von Hindman and the 2011 Master of Macabre Shaunessy Ashdown as they introduce each story and give you, the listener, a chance to vote for your favorite.  And, as if hearing a good horror story isn’t enough, a prize package awaits one lucky voter when the 2012 Master is crowned on August 25, 2012.

Listen to all five stories either through your favorite podcatcher or by visiting one of the sites below,  and then e-mail the name of your favorite to by 07/27/2012.  Tell your friends, family, and anyone else who might like a good scary story about us.  Thank you for taking the time to listen and vote, it is greatly appreciated.

Masters of Macabre website

Horror Addicts website

As always, if you want to leave a comment, please do so below.  Let me know your opinion  and feel free to share mine with your friends, family, and yes, even your enemies.  I’m on FacebookTwitterGoogle +, and via e-mail at  You can also check out my reviews on the Horror Addicts blog or listen to the latest audio drama I’m proud to take part in, “Who Goes There”.

And remember… Why so serious?


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