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I’m back again.

February 11, 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I apologize for such a long delay between posts.  The last six months have been both a good and bad time for me on the personal level.  I am going through a rough divorce, but hopefully all will be done with  soon.  In the meantime, I have re-started work on finishing some short stories I started, but never finished.  The editing process on all of my stories will begin once the first draft of all of them are finished.  I am not going to begin shopping them until after I get the approval from my current day job to do so and until after the divorce is finalized, but I hope to post some on here and possibly podcasting them (I do enjoy recording).  I am also clearing my plate for the upcoming 2013 Masters of Macabre contest, hosted by  If you haven’t checked it or the sister contest, Wicked Women Writers, then I highly recommend them to you.  Each one has produced great stories and is open to anyone if you get the inspiration to try them out.  Both years I have competed has produced not only a story I entered, but also an extra story or two that I didn’t, but not because they weren’t good ones.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have not gone anywhere, just been busy with personal issues.  I will begin releasing more reviews this week, beginning with a review of the new movie “Warm Bodies”, a spotlight shone on the Jeff Lane Podcast, and a review of “The Flesh of Fallen Angels” by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley.  Until then, I hope you have a great time and remember…

Why so serious?

Don P.

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