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Podcast Spotlight – Jeff Lane Audiobooks

February 13, 2013

Welcome one and all to the Casa,

It seems like forever since I put out a podcast spotlight and I missed all one of you.  While I was on my unexpected hiatus, I chanced upon a podcast by author Jeff Lane and found his stories very enjoyable.  He’s released three stories in his podcast feed, all dealing with different areas of science fiction, but each one was well crafted and left me wanting to keep listening.  

“This Paper World” is the first story released by this talented author and had me hooked pretty quickly.  Part Highlander, part X-men, the story is about a boy named Jim, a normal looking 18-year-old college student who harbors a secret even he is unaware of.  When he returns home for Christmas break, his next door neighbor, an older man named Park, reveals to him that they are both Champions.  The old man goes on to explain that they have certain skills and abilities needed to protect our world and Jim has been in training from a young age is given the choice to join the fight if he wants to.  Their enemies?  A group of evil people called Spoilers who enjoy nothing more than to gain power by torturing and killing people, especially Champions.  Things escalate to a whole new level when the learn the identities of Champions, their mentors, and allies.  Can Jim rescue his neighbor and stop the Spoilers before it’s too late?

Story number two, “One Way,” poses the question;  if something terrible happened to someone you love and you got the opportunity to travel back in time and change it, to what lengths and levels of pain would you go through?  Awoken by police in the middle of the night, Jenny’s life crumbles in on itself when she is told her husband, Barry, is dead.  He died in a brutal manner at the hands of a suspected serial killer.  The story’s focus follows two different time frames, one from Barry’s perspective from the moment he meets his older wife at a gas station and learns of his potential fate, while the other  shows the events leading up to Jenny’s chronal trip.  The serial killer, however, isn’t alone, and isn’t your normal psychopath.  Will history repeat itself or will Barry survive?

The more recent story, and the shortest one of the bunch, is “Crush Depth”.    Excited the opportunity given to her, Marylou Kelsam  is a member of a research team aboard  the Skomal, a state of the art research submarine.  Facing sabotage on its maiden voyage to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and facing certain doom, Marylou discovers that mermaids are not only very real, but they also aren’t as nice as the stories and movies portray them . 

All in all, this podcast is well worth the listen to and I certainly cannot wait for his next offering.  To check these stories  out, you can subscribe to the podcast feed through ITunes or the author’s website.  You can also access these stories at the website.

As always, if you want to leave a comment, please do so below.  Let me know your opinion  and feel free to share mine with your friends, family, and yes, even your enemies.  I’m on FacebookTwitterGoogle +, and can also be reached via e-mail at

And remember… Why so serious?

Don P.


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