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Book Review – Flesh of Fallen Angels

February 16, 2013

Flesh of Fallen AngelsHello one and all!  Welcome to the Casa.  I had a lovely Valentine’s Day, as I hope many, if not all of you, did as well.  If not, it’s something to hope for next year. (Yes, I am a hopeless romantic).  On to the menu item of the day.

Today I offer a review of “Flesh of Fallen Angels” by Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley.  This story is a western in its location and characters, but more of a horror story in its style.  The story follows a man named Gibson Blount, hard-nosed man with a scar across his throat, a score to settle, and an ability to see and interact with demons.  The story opens with Gibson looking down at a small town named Amber Creek.  He is searching for Azazel, a demon that raided his town two years earlier and had taken Gibson’s wife and unborn child along with most of his town in a violent blood bath.  The ability he left the massacre with has led him to the latest town in the demon’s path before its arrival.

I enjoyed this story for its simpleness.  You have your anti-hero, you have your villain, you have the cast of characters caught in the middle of the two.  Booth and Riley do a good job with their narrative as you hear the tale of Gibson’s first meeting with the demons as it unfolded interspersed with the current meeting with the demons.  You get a good feel on all the characters, even the ones who do not last as long as others.  All in all, I  felt it was a good story for anyone who enjoys Western horror stories and adventure stories since it qualifies under both.  Definitely a story worth checking out.  I rate it a 4 out of 5 stars.

You can find this first tale of Gibson Blount at Amazon (paperback & Kindle), Barnes and Noble (paperback & Nook), or at your local book store.

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And remember… Why so serious?

Donald P.


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