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Podcast Spotlight – Wicked Women Writers

March 6, 2013


Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the Casa!  This week I thought I’d focus on an annual contest for women writers offered by the great people at Horror – The Wicked Women Writers Contest.

The contest, which started in 2009, offers the challenge of writing a short horror story incorporating certain elements and in a specified time frame.  The prize is being labeled as that year’s Most Wicked and the opportunity to host the following year’s contest.  Past winners include H.E. Roulo (2009), Rhonda R. Carpenter (2010), Laurel Anne Hill (2011), and this year’s contest host Killion Slade (2012).

The theme for this year is “How Will You Survive?”  Each entrant must construct a 10 minute story (recorded by the author or another person) using randomly assigned items in the following categories:  1)Location, 2)Disaster, 3)Item/Tool, 4)Caveat Disability.  If you feel up to the challenge and think you can win this year’s Most Wicked, send your name , headshot, and short bio (under 50 words) to  Deadline for entry is June 20, 2013, but the sooner you enter, the more time you have to write a great story.

To listen to entries from earlier years or for more details on the contest, check out the Wicked Women Writers website.

As always, if you want to leave a comment, please do so below.  Let me know your opinion  and feel free to share mine with your friends, family, and yes, even your enemies.  I’m on FacebookTwitterGoogle +, and via e-mail at

And always remember… Why so serious?

Donald P.

One Comment
  1. Thanks for for featuring us this year on your blog! We are already seeing a lot of interest in this year’s competition from women all over the globe. It is going to be an exciting challenge to discover who will become Most Wicked 2013!


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