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Movie Review – “Nine Dead”

September 12, 2013

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Casa!

How have things been for you folks? Good I hope. Things have been going about the same as they have been between work at my day job, divorce proceedings, and writing. I got to teach a training class for the first time last week, and so far they have taken to it pretty well. My youngest three boys are becoming more comfortable with being back with me and the rest of my family, especially with my girlfriend. Writing is even going really well over the past week. I have some news on that last front, but don’t want to say anything just yet. Even my divorce is looking like it may just come to an overdue conclusion soon. I really hope the good things keep happening, it’s a nice change of pace compared to the old norm.

Speaking of changing things up a bit, today I thought it might feel refreshing to offer a movie up for your perusal. I watched “Nine Dead” on Netflix the other night and expected the people in it to die in horrific fashion, but was pleasantly surprised that any blood used was done so sparingly. The movie stars Melissa Joan Hart and is about nine people who are kidnapped and handcuffed in a dark and dirty room a la Saw. A man in a rubber mask walks in and tells them all that they share a common bond and they have ninety minutes to figure it out. To increase the stakes, their captor tells them he will execute one of them every ten minutes. The captives are a diverse group ranging from a cop, a priest, and an insurance claim processor to a street thug, a pedophile, and a loan shark.

This movie relies heavily on the story telling and not really on the blood factor, a movie trope of it’s own. The camera never really shows the deaths, it’s generally assumed by the gunshot and the body being drug out of the room. I liked the movie a lot because of how much it had a saw feel to it, but was still different. That being said, there were parts that kept me from getting into it more. The villain seems to have more knowledge than a person can possibly deduce (sorry, I can’t elaborate more, don’t want to spoil the movie). Also, as much as I enjoyed watching her in “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, Melissa Joan Hart really didn’t fit the role as a district attorney. I don’t know if it was her acting or the way the role was written, but it felt stiff and overplayed. I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5.

I apologize for the delay on this week’s midweek post, but life happens. I must now leave you for now, but only to start work on my book review for tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow for my thoughts on “Bizarre Zombie Stories” by Veronica Mordem. And don’t forget to check out the Masters of Macabre and Wicked Women Writers stories and vote for your favorite, even if it’s not mine. We take pleasure in knowing people find enjoyment in our words.

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And remember… Why so serious?

Donald P.

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