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Book Review – “Full Dark, No Stars” by Stephen King

January 5, 2014

Full Dark, No StarsHello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Casa!

So far, it has been a very cold start to 2014 with a blizzard on Friday (more wind than actual snow flying) and this weekend is clocking in with windchills of 40 – 60 degrees below zero. While I’m heartbroken that I am unable to spend time with my sons this weekend, I am making the most of it with house cleaning, writing, and reading (with a bit of video gaming thrown in here and there). The winter so far has been crazy in the temps, but it is North Dakota and we can take it.

A great respite from the cold nights has been Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars”. The book is a collection of four novellas the dig into the darkness that a person can delve into, given the right circumstances. In “1922”, a farmer and his son become upset when his wife suggests selling their land to a corporation so they can move to the big city. The men folk of the family are reluctant to do so, but the only way to stop her is via murder. What they don’t realize is the downward spiral that one act begets. The second story in the series, “Big Driver”, an author on her way home from a book club speaking engagement takes a shortcut and is raped and left for dead. Instead of seeking justice, she sets out for revenge for herself and the man’s other victims. What if you were dying, would you make a deal with the devil to turn your life around at the cost of someone else’s life?  Dave Streeter is offered just that in “Fair Extension. Rounding out the quadrilogy is “A Good Marriage” (coming soon to a theater near you), where a wife believes she had a great life married to a great guy, only to discover she never knew the real person he was.

I found the first story a bit of a slower one, but the rest of the stories more than make up for that. My favorite of the bunch is “Big Driver” because the flow of the story is very fluid. That’s not taking anything away from any of the others, as all the stories are good. It shows that Stephen is still a master of holding a mirror to the darker side of human nature. Because it is Stephen King, you can find it anywhere books are sold.

That does it for now, fellow patrons. Time for me to cuddle under my Snuggie with a good book while the freezing cold stays outside. Until next time…

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And remember… Why so serious?

Donald P.



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