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Book Review – “Dead Men Kill” by L. Ron Hubbard

January 12, 2014

Dead Men Kill

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Casa!

I hope everyone came through the dreaded polar vortex this past weekend warm and well. I know it was a bitter couple of days where travel, sadly, wasn’t on the itinerary. Now we in North Dakota are experiencing a heat wave of sorts (anything above 30 degrees around the middle of January is warm for us). The cold weather did give me plenty of time to get more writing done, spend some quiet time at home fighting a head cold, and getting some more reading done. One such book is by L. Ron Hubbard, the father of the Church of Scientology. Religion aside, I’d always heard his stories fell into the science fiction realm, so imagine my surprise when I found “Dead Men Kill”.

The story itself is a pulpy, noir detective story involving murder, extortion, and zombies of the Haitian voodoo variety. Rich and powerful men are receiving letters demanding payment or face death at the hands of their dead secretaries. The warnings all bear the green signature of a man who calls himself the Loup Garou, or human hyena as they define it in the story. Heading up the case is Detective Terry Lane, a cop eager to dish out a fist to the bad guys as easily as firing a gun. If you are looking for a story that is both cheesy and fun to read, then this story is for you. Personally, I’ve never been a very big fan of the pulp stories, but I did like this one somewhat. My rating is a 3 out of 5, which shows that even I have a limit when it comes to cheesiness.

Before I sign off for the week, I want to send a big Happy Birthday to my dad, George. It is a milestone birthday and I wouldn’t have my work ethic if not for him and my mother. Happy Birthday Dad!

And with that, I must bid you adieu for this week. Until next weekend…

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And remember… Why so serious?

Donald P.


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