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July 14, 2014

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to the Casa!

I just wanted to drop a little message before heading off to the day job.  The reason?  Nothing more than to maintain consistency.  It is something I haven’t been as good about maintaining over the past two years, and is the one item I am able to control.  Whether it is for the day job, my writing, or even time with my family.  I ‘ve found that when I lose my consistency in things, my anxiety ramps up, and that is not a fun thing.  When I am writing daily or doing anything with my day job regularly, my work is better and more productive.  My advice, taken with a large grain of salt, is that if you are struggling with any endeavor, regardless if it is writing, work, or most anything, and working in spurts doesn’t work, try doing a little bit of it everyday.  It  won’t immediately improve things since it will take time to adjust to the new routine, but you may find that in the longer run it helps you become more productive and relaxed.  If after three weeks to a month of trying this method, feel free to try something different.  The one thing that never changes is that everyone has certain ways of working and doing things that works for them.

With all of this in mind, I must bid you all adieu for now, but will be back later tonight with this week’s book review.  Today’s offering will be “Black Lotus” by K’wan.  Until then…

Why so serious?

Donald “D.J” Pitsiladis

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