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Goodbye to icons, more steps to the future, and H.E. Roulo “Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome”

June 27, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Casa!

This week’s blog post starts on a bit of a somber note.  Two icons, whose performances in their respective fields greatly influenced me in their respective ways, sadly passed away two weeks ago.  Sir Christopher Lee and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes were individuals who were capable of commanding attention and respect anytime they walked into a room, both from how they carried themselves, and the way they spoke.  One need only watch them in their elements, Sir Lee on the silver screen (I recommend any old school Hammer film or Gremlins 2 for his earlier work), and anytime that Dusty wrestled in the ring or got on the mic, to see how much they enjoyed what they did.  The world is truly a sadder place without them, but the legacy each left is phenomenal.  Let us pause for a moment of silence and ten bells to remember two of the greats.

One good bit of news did come out in the past two weeks.  the audiobook for “Evolution”, written by Cody Toye, was released.  What makes this book special, at least in my eyes, is that yours truly was the narrator of the story.  Set in an apocalyptic world where plants have evolved into carnivorous creatures hungry for human flesh, three teens must traverse what remains of the United States to deliver research that may lead to a way to stop the plants and save humanity.  It’s a slightly different take on a popular theme, but definitely a fun ride.  Pick up a copy of the audiobook at Amazon and through Itunes.  If hearing the story isn’t your thing, you can also get your paperback copy of the book via Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For this week’s review, I thought I’d share a book from an online friend, recently released via Permuted Press — “Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome” by H.E. Roulo.  The story takes place far in the future.  Humans have ventured out into space and settled other worlds.  This spreading out does little to stop the spread of the Regulon virus, a disease that turns the nicest of people into slobbering zombies with an unquenchable hunger.  A philanthropist named Julius Cerberon builds a dome on an otherwise desolate world to house the infected to keep them safely away from the non-infected and to look for a possible cure.  The hero of the story, Trevor, follows the girl he’s always had a crush on to this world to help care for her since he was the cause for her infection.  Once they arrive, he finds himself embroiled in a cover up to hide a possible cure to the virus.  Before long, zombie chaos breaks out throughout the dome and no one is safe.

I found this book to be a fun read, definitely a good one for young adult readers who enjoy series like the Hunger Games. The violence is kept to a comfortable level and the gore factor is kept to a minimum.  In keeping with the spirit of the genre, there is a level of class warfare included, but the focus remains on keeping hope in the most direst of situations. This is one I’m recommending to my own teenage sons without hesitation. Overall, I give this a 4 out of five.

Well, I must be off for now.  There are other blog posts and stories to write.  I will be working on a page for the blog that will include links to all of my stories, whether I wrote them, narrated them, or both.  Until then, you can check out my Amazon Author page at  You can also check out my latest stories in the anthologies “Forgotten Places” and “Dimensional Abscesses” by clicking on the titles.  If we are able to hit one hundred e-book sales of “Dimensional Abscesses” by the end of July, a print copy will be released.  If you already have a copy, then share this with everyone you know.  I would love to have that version available for those who do not like e-books so much.

Until next we meet, everyone have a happy and safe 4th of July, (if you celebrate it) and keep reading.

Much love,

Donald “D.J.” Pitsiladis


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