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Politics, positivety, and “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke

February 3, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Casa!

We are now one month into the new year, and I’m already wondering where the time is gone.  Here in the states, we have already finished the first of many caucuses to help determine who we will get to vote for in the Presidential election at the end of the year.  While many of us may think that the candidate we are backing throughout this process is the best choice, there are plenty of people who will politely or militantly disagree with that choice.  We all have our reasons for feeling one way or the other, but that is part of the beauty of our freedom to choose.  I haven’t made up my mind about who to support in this year’s election, but I have decided who doesn’t deserve my vote.  Now, I won’t share any names, because that is not what me as the creative artist wants to do.  I don’t intentionally focus on negativity here unless it is in a horror story.

What has me thinking in such a positive way, you may ask?  Aside from my resolutions for the year, I read a book recently that had an ending completely opposite of what I expected to find.  That book was “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke.  Imagine a world where humanity, on the verge of taking the first steps into space exploration, discovers that we are truly not alone in the universe.  Silver ships appear in the sky and the Overlords, as the alien race is referred to by Earthlings, communicate that they are on a mission to help us.  Within a short time, war, poverty and cruelty become things of the past and Earth enters a golden age.  The price of such a change is culture and creativity stagnation.  By the time the true reason for the Overlords arrival comes to light, will it be too late for humankind?

When I began this story, I expected it to be much like other science fiction stories I’ve read.  The aliens lull us humans into a false sense of security before springing the trap we unexpectedly walked into.  Without giving away spoilers, this story didn’t fall into this category of extraterrestrial visitation.  Even so, I found this story to be very fascinating and had a hard time putting it down.  If you are looking for science fiction story with a change of pace, or want to get an idea on what the upcoming television adaptation of this book is about, definitely check it out.  I rate this a 4 out of 5.

Until next time…

D.J. Pitsiladis

P.S. — I’m always looking for ways to improve the blog and your enjoyment of it.  If you have any ideas, or podcasts and books you’ve enjoyed, please feel free to send me those suggestions as well.

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