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April 13, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Casa!

It’s been about a month since we last talked, and I just wanted to give you an update on things.   Baby and mother are still doing well, especially since they have now entered the second trimester.  We are so far still set for the arrival in less than six months.  We are very excited and are looking forward to meeting it and introducing him/her to the world.  (There is a story about why this pregnancy is especially poignant, but I’ll save that for another time).

I have been busy in the past month, between getting some house projects done in preparation for some renovations being done this summer, to writing and the day job.  I am currently working on three new novel/novella length projects as well as a re-write of the first novel I ever finished writing.  Add to the mix resuming blogging duties with, audiobook auditioning and a full-time day job, you can see why time has been a bit tight.  I want you to know that I have not forgotten about any of you, and I am working updating this blog back into my regular schedule again with more reviews of books, movies, and (possibly) television shows.

With all that being said, next week I will return with another book review and the start of what I hope will be a return to a regular schedule again.  Also,check out the season premiere of on 04/23 because the latest edition of Nightmare Fuel will include the podcast debuts of my three youngest (so far) sons.  It’s something they are excited for.  I hope you like it.

Well, I need to go for now and get ready for the day job and some writing.  Until next week…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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