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Audio Book Review — “Closet Treats” by Paul E. Cooley

August 10, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to The Casa!

For the first audio book, I thought we’d start with a bit of psychological horror.  “Closet Treats” was my introduction to works of Paul E Cooley, but it is far from the end of it.  I heard about the podcast version of this book via advertisement on a different author’s podcast.  I thought the premise sounded cool, so I took a listen.  Am I ever glad I did.

The story centers around a man named Trey Leger, a telecommuting computer programmer, who has issues with his mind.  From petit mal siezures brought on by stress to visions of the Closet Man, a hideous man beast that tortures him every chance he gets.  He’s been able to keep most of that at bay with medication, but all of that is ready to crumble after one look at the driver of a new ice cream van in the neighborhood.  from the moment he locks eyes with the ice cream man, a rollercoaster of events is set in motion.  Is what Trey sees reality, or his mind finally unravelling even more?

This story brought back memories of why I started reading Stephen King stories in the first place.  There is the slow burn of tension building all the way to the end of the story where it releases in one big torrent of viscera.  The story isn’t about blood and gore just for the sake of it, everything that occurs fits perfectly together.  I’ve listened to the story read by both Paul and John Mireau.  Both are really good at telling the story and capturing the personalities of the characters, so picking between the two is impossible for me to do.  What I can do is  direct you to Audible or to get yourself a copy to listen to or read.  if you enjoy stories that play with your mind, this one is for you.

Until next week…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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