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Movie review: Curse of Chucky

September 7, 2016

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Casa!

I intended to share my review for this movie a couple of weeks ago, but spending vacation time with my sons before school began for the year and the chaos that was birth week kind of put the kibosh on it.  I can say with a big grin that our son was born a week ago Friday night and is doing well for a preemie.  As I’m writing this, he is still in the NICU, but he is every bit a fighter.  I will share pictures of all my boys sometime in the future.  For now, on to the movie review…

One of the first slasher films I remember seeing as a kid was the original Child’s Play.  The movie was intense because, instead of the stuffed doll helping to keep the boogeyman away, the toy was the boogeyman.   I should add that one of my younger brothers had a My Buddy doll, which bore a fairly strong resemblance to Chucky, so the creep factor remained high for a while after the movie ended.  The subsequent installments saw Chucky the killer doll go through many lengths to possess Andy, the boy from the first movie, but they weren’t able to capture the magic of the first one.  By the time the trilogy ended, the studio decided that injecting humor to the franchise might help, and thus came “Bride of Chucky” and “Seed of Chucky”.  The latest installment of the franchise, Curse of Chucky, takes it back to the horror roots and succeeds so well.

The movie opens with a delivery of a Good Guy doll to an old house where the heroine, Nica, lives with her mother.  It becomes clear soon enough that her family sees her as someone unable to take care of herself, and they are surprised when she shows them what she is able to do.  Before long, the family members begin to meet their demise.  I wish I was able to provide more details about it, but to do so would provide spoilers.  If you are a Chucky fan or like suspense filled slasher flicks, then you will enjoy this film.

Well, I need to take off to see my son.  I will be back next week with a review of “Mile 81” by Stephen King.  Until then…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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