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Book Review — “Follow You Home” by Mark Edwards

June 22, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Casa!

I have been keeping busy with audiobook work (it’s finally almost completed, yay!!!), working on the first draft of one novel while also writing a 2nd draft of another, and fixing up our new home. Add to that a part-time job and time with family, and you find a very busy person. Out baby is now ten months old and doing remarkably well. You can’t really tell that he was born two months premature, which we are very proud of. Being busy like this is fun, but also tremendously challenging at the same time. There are some “less than pleasant” things also going on, but the less said about all of that, the better right now. I’m hoping to have a better second half of the year, complete with news of published works. Fingers crossed.

This week, we return to book reviews with a look at “Follow You Home” by Mark Edwards. The story follows Daniel and Laura on the tail end of a vacation tour of continental Europe. They plan on getting married and starting a family, and wanted take one last adventure together before doing so. On a train ride to Romania, their passports and some personal items are stolen while they are sleeping. They, along with a friend they made on the trip, are subsequently removed from the train and left in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night while the train continued on. As they make their way through a dark forest to the next train station, something terrible happens that changes Daniel and Laura. The incident isn’t revealed until the third act, but it is bad enough to split the once happy couple. That is only the beginning of their troubles as strange things begin to happen and people they confide their story with end up dead.

It is hard to give an opinion reason for this story without going into spoilers. I expected the story to go one way, but it swerved about midway in the story. There is a certain level of predictability in the story for the first half, but the reveal on what happened in the Romanian forest is a complete surprise. It is a horrendous thing, and you feel for the Daniel and Laura once you find out what happens. It is well worth finishing reading the book for the ultimate payoff in the story. I rate this book a 4 out of 5.

I should be back again next week with another review, and hopefully some additional news on everything going on. Until then…

D.J. Pitsiladis

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