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Cheesy 80’s Movie Review — “Terrorvision”

June 29, 2017

Hello ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the Casa!

Not too much news on the personal or professional front this week.  Still plugging away on the writing and audio book fronts, and work continues on the house for a move in a few months.  We are looking forward to the bigger space and quietness of small town life again.  More updates are forthcoming as they develop.

For this month’s cheesy 80’s horror movie, I decided to check out a movie I started watching as a kid when visiting my father.  “Terrorvision” is about a creature thought to have been destroyed, but turned into energy and shot off into space.  It is picked up by a family’s overpowered satellite dish, where it changes between solid and energy states.  The family is a collection of misfit members.  The parents are swingers who make their house into an exaggerated “Pleasure Palace”.  The daughter is the stereotypical MTV teenager with multicolored hair and Madonna style clothing.  The grandfather is an eccentric military vet whose influence is clearly seen in his grandson, also a military nut with a love for horror movies.

As the creature makes it’s ways through the family and other unlucky victims, the movie just gets cheesier and cheesier.  There are plenty of hinted at sexuality throughout, and a view of children as obnoxious, bratty, and to be ignored if it interferes with their fun.  I liked the movie better from my memories compared to watching it now with a more refined taste.  If you want a reminder of the 80’s to watch passively, this movie is for you.  There are, however, much better movies, even in the cheesy category.

Until next time…

D.J. Pitsiladis


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